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How does one truly ENGAGE an audience?

Personal Experience

Video #engages viewers with creative, emotive and unique campaigns.

Video tells artful stories that deliver awareness.

Engaging your audience is one of the most powerful things you can do for your company and brand.

Let us ENGAGE you.

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Get-Kinetic has been marketing the concept of CREATE in the realm of the imaginary on our Get-Kinetic blog.

We want clients to hire GK to CREATE characters that tell their brand’s story.

When Kat began conceptualizing the first installment of our three series campaign video, CREATE was the first we knew would be released.

Webster defines to “create” as:
To produce through imaginative skill
To cause (a particular situation) to exist

So, what does “create” mean to Get-Kinetic (other than being the first word in our sleek logo)

I asked the team (and myself)

Dan: “an instruction to go play out in the woods, nurture your imagination and have an adventure. You’re never too old for that.”

Paul: “For me, “create” means…combining my skills with the ideas and efforts of others to produce something exciting, unique and new.”

Kat:create is to live; to make something out of nothing; everyday, everything, everywhere has a moment that turns into a memory; those memories make a story; that story is yours to create.

Dana: “To create is to make something new with the resources around you.  “To produce.”  I think I will change my business card to “The creator” after this blog.  See how that works out.”

Kevin:Create, to me, means to imagine and then to form into existence an object or a story that is used to enhance relationships, conversation, and life.”

Let us show you how we “create” CREATE.

(timelapse footage provided by: Steve Buckwalter)

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