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We are very sad to announce that our very own camera operator, Adam Bogus will be leaving us for the summer to sail on the scientific research ship; the JOIDES Resolution.

To be perfectly frank, THIS IS BOGUS.

He will be documenting the research being performed and telling the stories of the scientists and crew from the middle of the Pacific.
We may be depressed about his departure, but we are thrilled about his success.


Adam is a ROCKSTAR who does everything from operate the camera, edit, grip and gaff, to pilot the drones, and drive to freaking Arkansas if we ask and pick up a lens.

He is a core part of GK’s family and will be truly missed.

Plus he has dimples.  DIMPLES.

I sat with Adam and asked him to gab with me before he leaves.

I am typing as he speaks so bare with us.  It may not make sense.  We are fine with that.  We are having fun.  Give us a break- we have like one week left together.

How did you get to be a part of the Get-Kinetic world?

“I started as an intern back in the summer of 2012 and was fortunate enough to be invited into the family full-time a few short months later.  Since then, the good people at GK have trusted me enough to perform whatever duties were necessary, enriching my knowledge of the film industry as well as the professional work place.  For that trust and faith, I am truly grateful.”

What will you miss most about working here?

(Long pause.  Sigh.  Single tear) ”I will miss simply coming to the office, whether it be in Fishtown, Jersey City or on set and consorting with people that ooze… something….”


“Is it excitement?  Joviality?”  What I am trying to say is that when I am alongside the GK crew, they can make that 18-hour day feel like a 14-hour day.  Also I’ll miss flying a six-rotor, two axis gyro stabilized GPS enabled drone.  That part was cool.  I liked doing that.”

Whatever.  Ok.  What is your funniest or craziest story from your time at GK?

“It was the second day after we got the drone.  After road tripping to Canada to take delivery on the brand-spanking new 6-rotor drone, we were driving through the Poconos and happened upon a picturesque vineyard, which seemed ripe for aerial cinematography.  I was at the controls on our final flight, with our last battery, as the last rays of sunlight faded over the horizon.”

This is dramatic, go on…

“With all of twenty minutes flying experience, I took the craft over the grape fields until the battery alarm sounded.  A moment later the craft began to plummet and I became co-pilot to gravity itself.   Pure chaos ensued as the rotors cut out 150 feet from the ground.”

“Kevin started running towards the free falling craft, I stood wide-eyed and frozen in terror, and our other friend sat screaming and useless.  The next five seconds felt like five hours as I watched our new, pristine, and not inexpensive craft fall to earth.  With only twenty feet to go, instinct caused me to gun the throttle, engaging the rotors enough to slow the descent and land in a textbook crash landing on the side of a hill.”

I feel like you are telling me a plot line for a Bruce Willis Space Hero Movie.

“I am pretty much Bruce Willis.  After “landing,” the drone started rolling down a hill only to stop mere inches from the side of a lake.  As we packed up, we went to view the gorgeous footage of the vineyard at sunset and the most spectacular crash you could imagine.

No one had hit record.”

That is amazing.  Kevin ran.

Adam, you are wonderful.  We will be following your journey on Facebook at JOIDESRESOLUTION and on Twitter at @TheJR

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I know…. you haven’t slept in weeks pondering this VERY query.
Did you know, according to the Roman poet Ovid, “Bad girls wed in May?”
How about that in any given year, no month ever begins or ends on the same day of the week as May does?

I clearly did a Google search about “The month of May”.

There was zero effort put forth substantiating the accuracy of the following claims.

Step aside Mother’s Day, there is a new May calendar folks.  Head to Hallmark before the cards sell out!

It is time to #CELEBRATE

May 4th Star Wars Day (My personal favorite.  MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU!)


May 8th is No Socks Day

May 11th is Eat What You Want Day


May 13th is Frog Jumping Day

May 14th is Dance Like a Chicken Day


May 16th is National Bike to Work Day - Third Friday of month.  FACT: Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition does a commuter challenge every year.

May 16th is National Sea Monkey Day

May 18th is Visit Your Relatives Day

May 21st is National Waiters and Waitresses Day (TIP BIG OR GO HOME!)

You know what else is awesome about May? 


No joke.

Kat, Kevin, Dan… even the new kid, what’s her face, are ALL MAY babies.

(Adam is born in December but no one cares.)

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As a fan, and a member, I was fortunate enough to attend Philly Ad Club’s event, “Building a Bridge Between Philly’s Tech and Advertising Communities” as part of “Philly Tech Week.”

Sonesta Hotel

The event was both informative and a great networking opportunity as I scribbled notes on digital marketing (with my newly stolen Sonesta Hotel pens) amongst the well respected advertising and marketing professionals.

Speakers included:

Building a Bridge Speakers

Michael Jaschke - CEO & Co-Founder, 48 Bricks, Inc.talking about tools for digital advertising

Chris Wallace - Strategic Leadership Social Business, Trellist Marketing and Technology – discussing platforms for social business

Mark Herstek - Solutions Manager, Ensightenaddressing systems for digital tracking through tag management solutions 

Patrick Dolan - EVP/COO, Interactive Advertising Bureau- to provide a transition from digital systems, platforms, and tools to the world of enabling your digital strategy

Drea Janssen - Brand Engagement Strategist at Mastermindstalking about applying digital technology to successful social media campaigns

John Miller - President, Scribewisediscussing driving content through digital technology

Lisa Marie Walls - VP Digital Strategist, Tierneycovering the strategic use of digital technology in advertising

Brad Bernard - VP digital Media and Analytics, Harmelin Mediaaddressing digital technology measurements in successful media campaigns

Being a self proclaimed “media maven” I thought I knew a “little something” about social strategy.  That was until I listened to experts reveal the latest trends in digital marketing.

Mind blown and full of content ideas, I am inspired.  Let me #inspire you.

What I learned (aka wrote down):

The audience wants help, not hype. When helped, an audience is much more likely to buy.
Digital ad revenue is projected to grow 71% in the next 5 yrs.
There are 1,700 banner ads a month… do you remember ONE?
50% of clicks on a mobile are ACCIDENTS
Consumer profiling does not work
Twitter drives the most traffic.  Then Facebook.
Sharing links through EMAIL is king over social media.
Find fans.  Don’t wait for them to find you.
91% of video streamers are 18-24
With digital, impossible is an OPINION
Impressions and clicks are too easy to fake.  30-40% are inaccurate.
In a recent survey, it was found that most of the people thought HTML was a sexually transmitted disease
Companies should not DO social but should BE social.
Our job is to communicate brands to our prospective potentials.
Content must be about audience, not you. Consumers no longer live in your fishbowl.
30-40% of metrics are fraud. Impressions and clicks are too easy to fake.
Content marketing is building brand loyalty on a human and emotional level.
83% of all Internet users stream digital video

My favorite point of the event was the discussion of VIDEO MARKETING!

Did you know that businesses that incorporate video into their overall business strategy see higher engagement rates, higher click through rates, and a higher conversion rate?

Whatever your business size, video is the most efficient way to spread your message. Moving images over pictures and text, connects customers to your brand on a deeper level. Video can help you build rapport with your customers faster and help them relate to your business on a more personal level.

Video is also beneficial in reaching out to different learning styles: the visual where people learn by reading or seeing demonstrations of a product or service and the auditory where people connect by listening to audio.

Marketers have found great ways to engage audiences and create brand loyalists through online video, especially through their Facebook brand pages.

So what’s the takeaway?

Video isn’t going anywhere.  #ENTERSTORYTELLING

Deliver your message, faster, directly to consumers in a way that #engages them

Get-Kinetic can help!