The romantic rebirth of spring is a siren that calls to us through sun-beamed windows and soul thawing avian chatter.  As Winter slowly fades and Spring buds from the remnants of last fall, it’s time to break out of our cozy cocoons and rekindle the pleasure of the outside world.  In most cases, any excuse is good enough to get in touch with nature and leave behind the confinement of snowstorms and office life.  Who wouldn’t want to spend every waking moment soaking up rays and smiling at the sun?

That’s not rhetorical.  In fact, millions of people have found it challenging to peel themselves from their broadcasting networks, and instead are avidly keeping up with every thrilling moment of the 2011 NCAA Tournament.  The madness has begun!  Despite pristine skies, mild temperatures, and even a “Super Moon”, many Americans found themselves glued to their LCD’s, LED’s, 3D’s, projection screens, and computer streams last weekend, rooting for their favorite squad(s) and anticipating the next buzzer beater or major upset.  Not only does the tournament keep spectators from enjoying the great outdoors, but global outplacement firm, Challenger, Gray & Christmas, has estimated a $192million total loss in man hours from employees being distracted by the tourney.  That’s some expensive fanfare!  Despite any distraction of college basketball, and the allure of the outdoors, we at GK are steadfast as usual… which usually means we are all actively trying to wrangle Hack. ; )

This week we created our own madness when fearless leader, Kevin Hack, and his trusty best boy, Tom Fanelle, landed on a music video set with director Caesar Augustus.  The video stars singer/songwriter Karina Bradley for her latest single, Never Mind Love, featuring Meek Mill.  This marks the third time Caesar and Get-Kinetic have collaborated for a music video.  Also on board for the shoot were our new production friends from CiniPix, Don Kugelman and Mathew Hayden.

As we turn the page into another season of 2011, GK is looking to take on a slew of new projects.  From shooting for Bentley systems in Copenhagen, to fabricating VFX for an upcoming Foo Fighter’s video, we are always looking to bud something creative and new, even amidst a little madness.