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Shooting a spec spot is a fun, creative way to display your production talents, but doesn’t often give the work much opportunity to find it’s way into mainstream viewing.  You can strive for viral video success, but you would either need to add a cuddly kitten or a Kardashian.  GK recently helped long time friend, Gary Irwin,  on a spec spot for Breyer’s ice cream (Kardashians not included).  The spot was written, produced, shot, and cut for entry into one of Poptent’s many commercial distribution contests.  Vying to be picked up for the next Breyers campaign, Gary and the team shot the spec in a single day on a RED MX and a 5D.  Gary and the folks at GK also collaborated past spec spots.  In 2010 the team worked together on an spot, and in 2011 were together again for an Amazon Kindle spec.  Check out a couple of the spots here.

Kindle Mosaic from Gary E. Irwin on Vimeo.