It’s still early in the game, and this could just be hopeful thinking, but 2011 seems to already be showing signs of a year of fiscal rebound. With the stock market starting on a bull charge, this could potentially be the year that brings a resounding sigh of relief and a return to normalcy for all who have struggled in recent financial turmoil of yesteryear.  That said allow me to bestow this economic transformation, “The Year of Sea Change”.   At Get-Kinetic we are glad to see things getting back on track, but in the dawn of 2011 we’ve been too busy to stop and smell the proverbial roses.

Photo by Steve Buckwalter for Sight and Sound

GK’s dynamic duo of Tom Fanelle and his trusty sidekick, RED, found themselves in Lancaster County for the beginning of 2011, working alongside DP Steve Buckwalter and director Josh Enck, on Sight and Sound’s Christmas musical, “Voices of Christmas”.  The project brings the veteran cast from the stage performance to life on the small screen, (premiering in the 2011 Christmas season).  The project was shot in 8 days on several locations.  No need for the Hollywood snow machines on this one, as the weather provided ideal holiday snow cover.  Get-Kinetic’s own Kevin Hack lent a helping hand, flying RED on Steadicam in blizzard like conditions.  Mother nature created a beautiful scene, and Papa Hack captured it in 4K.

After warming up a bit, Hack found himself behind the camera once again (as he always does), this time with NASCAR superstar Jeff Gordon, and his wife, model/actress Ingrid Vandebosch, on the other side of the glass.

Kevin Hack with Jeff Gordon and Ingrid Vandebosch

There was plenty of content to get through between ad agency Publicis Modem and PR agency Burson-Marsteller,  but with the motivation of a great cause the workload was a cinch.  The team effort was to raise awareness of pertussis, also known as “whooping-cough”, for website,  Produced by Paul Irwin and under the art direction of Mike Crenshaw, the shoot went down at Production Central Stages in the Flatiron District in Manhattan.

Mike from Valley Forge Christian College

Mike from Valley Forge Christian College

The Get-Kinetic crew was back at it for the end of January and beginning of February on the campus of Valley Forge Christian College for a 2day shoot on RED.  Ahh, the historic hills of Valley Forge covered in a tranquil coat of fresh powder, deer trotting about the pines, college students fixed on their ipads…  ; )

So far, so good for 2011.  We hope that the early trend continues well into the year, and that “The Year of Sea Change” doesn’t simply drift by.