Visual F/X have been an increasingly integral part of cinema since the early stages of moving pictures.  As early as Georges Melies’ “A Trip to the Moon” (1902 – above), VFX have been utilized to progress and enhance storytelling visually.  As with any art, the challenge to create innovative, exciting, and mind-bending visuals has catapulted graphical capabilities into a realm where architecting entire worlds, or even an entire universe, is within reason and gaining feasibility. Recent CGI masterpieces, such as Avatar, the Lord Of the Rings series, and (to a lesser extent) the Matrix series, break rules and reinvent possibilities.  This technological catapult has compelled Hollywood’s budgets to swell into the range of hundreds of millions to achieve remarkable large scale graphical FX.  As the digital graphics business grows, it has also become a more accessible enterprise; the market is more competitive and programs are getting more affordable.  However, it’s simple to buy all of the top graphical FX software there is to offer, given the sufficient funding, but it still takes an artists imagination and skill to integrate something digitally manufactured into real images with awe inspiring results.

Get-Kinetic’s personal artist, Dan Gauthier, has kept our GK edit suite bustling with such imagination and drawing some very noteworthy clientele. Dan contributed color grading and super-hero VFX to create a world that is Arlandia, one of the singles coming off the new Foo Fighters’ album, Wasting Light.  The music video was directed by Nick Spaventa and shot by DP John Welsh of Parlay Studios.  It is slated to be the second single off of the album, which is set for release next week.  Dan also added his graphical touch to a music video for New York based electro/metal/rock band, Tigersapien.  This time directed by John Welsh, Dan composed CGI fire and background elements for their latest video/single, Touch.Move.Feel.

Dan’s latest role is the VFX supervisor for a short film of biblical proportions.  Producer Scott Gabriel and director Kevin Stocklin are beginning pre-production for a short based on the story of Adam and Eve. Dan met with Scott, Kevin, and award winning storyboard artist, Robert Castillo at Parlay Studios in Jersey City to begin formulating a look that will be Eden.  Production is scheduled to begin shooting in 2011.

It is a big advantage to have someone with Dan’s skills in our post-department.  His ability is unique because it’s derived from his MO and inspiring creativity.  Now all we need is someone hand us a budget for hundreds of millions and we will make Pandora look like a sandbox… ok maybe not a sandbox, but Dan’s brain-child world would look pretty amazing.